BELL 400


Units (Imperial) Units (Metric)
Mixture capacity max gpm: 14309 m3/h: 3150
Pump speed approx. rpm: 600 rpm: 600
Max power at shaft kW: 500 kW: 500
Suction bore Ø in: 16 mm: Ø400
Discharge piping Ø in: 16 mm: Ø400
Spherical passage in: 77/8 mm: 210
Weight (hydraulic, without head) lbs: 11023 kg: 7750
Weight (electric, without head) lbs: 14109 kg: 9150
Hydraulic Pressure psi: 4351 bar: 300
Hydraulic Flow gpm: 264 L/min: 1000
Hydraulic Head Cutter flow gpm: 37-55 L/min: 140-220
Hydraulic double cutter head/auger head flow gpm: 74-110 L/min: 280-420

Pump Head

Multi-functional pump unit can be equipped with various suction heads for dredging different types of material.

Available options:
Auger head
Cutter head
Double cutter head
Flat barge head
Sand production head
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