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Hi-Tech engineering & trading has two mobile workshops in addition to the workshop in the headquarters in Mogliano Veneto (TV), which have been designed and built to provide support, repairs and maintenance to be conducted on site.
The two vans travel throughout the national territory. The Sprinter is fitted with an on-board workshop measuring 5.80 m.
There is a series of original spare parts on each of the two workshops.
In particular, one of the two vehicles is equipped with a system for filtering and reading the contamination of the mineral oils in the operating machines.
On board this workshop, the hydraulic oil can be flushed and any water present in the oil itself can be separated, avoiding contamination.

The workshop at the headquarters in Mogliano Veneto is for servicing and to provide support for routine maintenance of hydraulic vibrators.
The high efficiency and experience of our staff in the mechanical and hydraulic sector means we can intervene on both the equipment and the components of the drive system. A valid cooling system for the vibrator lubrication oil has been developed by our technical staff to prevent exceptional heating and the premature failure of components.

Service Workshop in Casier Treviso

The mechanical workshop is the natural outcome of the large number of ICE-PVE machines sold on the Italian market. It would be unthinkable to have this type of machinery operating in the job sites all over Italy, without a well-organised widespread support network based in one of the profitable regions as regards the use of vibrating machines and steel sheet piling for the construction of public works.

Hi-Tech Srl has organised a workshop complete with a spare parts warehouse, numerical control machine tools for the reconstruction and commissioning of Vibrators of any size and power rating.
But above all the company has trained technicians who are prepared and trained to intervene on the equipment with perfect knowledge of hydraulic dynamics and mechanics, an indispensable know-how to ensure the standard and variable moment high-frequency hydraulic vibrators operate properly.

Hi-Tech Srl follows a protocol comprising indispensable steps when servicing a machine, so that the same is returned to its original condition, without paints or oxide; the steel is carefully analysed, the bearing housings verified and if necessary reconstructed with a non-invasive technique on the condition and quality of the steel.

The machines are returned to the Customer, with testing and set-up performed on-site.

Mechanical machining in the Workshop - CUSTOMER SERVICE

Hi-Tech Srl has not only accumulated thirty years of experience in the repair and support of vibrators, but thanks to its extensive expertise in fluidic logic, it knows all about hydraulic components and is in a position to repair equipment that would otherwise have to be replaced, with the resulting very high management costs.


Owing to its lengthy experience in the field of mechanical and hydraulic equipment, Hi-Tech Srl is in a position to assist, disassemble and service DOP Pumps of various Makes and models.

Hi-Tech Srl, also provides services for the maintenance of DAMEN Pumps.

Extraordinary maintenance of clamps - HYDRAULIC CLAMPS

Particular care is taken during the extraordinary maintenance of ICE - PVE Hydraulic Clamps and those of other Manufacturers.