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The MOVAX Control System MCS Lite is a basic control system that gives the operator control over all the hydraulic functions on the MOVAX piling equipment. The excavator side of the system is simplified, making it suitable for shorter-term use and for a second excavator that is used occasionally for pile driving. MCS Lite is compatible with MOVAX piling equipment fitted for the MCS Pro or MCS Pro+auto.

MCS Lite has a cab-mounted electronic control module with a 3.2″ display. The module is capable of controlling the excavator’s auxiliary hydraulics with a proportional pilot valve for the required hydraulic power for the MOVAX equipment.

The display provides the operator with information about MOVAX: angles, vibro frequency or piling hammer impact energy rate and hydraulic pressure. Basic service interval and system diagnostic data are also available to the operator.

The system is delivered with ergonomic control grips with rollers and switches that allow complete operation with a single grip. The control grips include extra switches and rollers for accommodating functions from the excavator’s original handles.


Colour display3.2"7"7"
Ergonomical control grips with thumb wheels xxx
Proportional control for excavators AUX hydraulicsxxx
Frequency I RPM (SG vibro)xxx
Impact energy rate (piling hammer)xxx
Movax angle (bucket cylinder operated)xxx
Movax angle (side tilt)xxx
Distance and height positionNAxx
Auto ControlNAoptionalx
System diagnosticsNAxx
Camera InputNAoptionaloptional
Wireless site camera on tripodNAoptionaloptional
Software update via USB memory stickNAoptionaloptional

MCS Lite is compatible with all SG-, DH-, TAD- and MPM-models as well as MOVAX piling equipment with AutoC system.

The MOVAX module is provided with the MOVAX piling equipment.