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Due to the increasing demand for an excavator mounted vibratory hammer for working in limited heights, the engineers of Dieseko Group have developed a 'Side Grip' vibratory hammer. This clamps the profiles or tubes from the side. In addition to working in a limited height, the greatest advantage is that tubes, profiles and sheet piles can be vibrated with a length that is (much) larger than the reach height of the boom. With a traditional clamp at the bottom, a profile can be set to the final depth or the first meters can be pulled. A Side Grip can also pick up sheet piling or profiles lying on the ground without assistance.

In the market there is a need for a Side Grip with optimal geometry and a less vibration-sensitive construction. The PVE Side Grip is therefore designed with a unique linear clamping movement. This creates an optimum clamp load transmission that is not burdened by the centrifugal force.

Because of this the PVE Side Grip is extremely efficient in transferring the driving force to the profile and also less vulnerable. Less moving parts also result in fewer wearing parts.

Another novelty is the damping. By repelling the block in two directions, vibrations from all directions are damped. This provides a very good stability during operation of the machine. The symmetrical design is well accessible all around. Vulnerable components such as sensors and hoses are placed on the inside of the housing.