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• Designed to match the capabilities of larger excavators and to combine a robust structure with excellent pile handling characteristics.
• Fitted with heavy-duty arms/clamps capable of driving a wide range of piles including sheet piles, H-piles, tubular steel piles and other pile sections.
• High frequency pile driver with fixed eccentric moment.
• Based on the Movax Modular System (MMS™). The unit is always equipped with one of the standard arm/clamp systems and the bottom clamp.
Customised arms and clamps are available upon special request.
• Controlled with the MOVAX Control System (MCS™); MCS Lite, MCS Pro or MCS Pro+auto.
• Available with M-logbook™ for documentation and reporting (optional, requires MCS Pro or MCS Pro+auto).

Technical data

Weight (excl. adapter) *kg2400 - 2700
Depthmm1210 - 1585
Engine power, min, Tier III / Tier IVkW125 / 135
Return pressure, maxbar5
Pressure settingbar350
Frequency1/min2300 - 3000
Eccentric momentkgm5.1
Centrifugal force, maxkN500
Ground vibrationNormal
Driving methodVibration
Swing angle°+/- 360
Tilt angle°+/- 30
* with standard bottom clamp, exact weight depends on the side arm/clamp system

Suitable piles

Types and dimensions  Length & Weight
Sheet pilewidth mm400-1200 8m / 2300kg
depth mm265 12m / 1600kg
Timber pilemmØ 160-420 16m / 1200kg
Tubular pile, tubes *mmup to 762  
* up to 1220 mm diameter with modular tube arms and tandem bottom clamp